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Ken Johnson

Ken Johnson

Ken began playing professional golf in 1984 after graduating from the University of Wyoming. Ken’s teaching style is derived from the classic instructional style of Ben Hogan and Harvey Penick. Using these guidelines along with modern technology, Ken strives to help students achieve their personal goals. Whether its learning the fundamentals of the game, winning that weekend match against your buddies, playing high school/collegiate golf or improving your enjoyment of the game, Ken builds your lesson package to fit your needs.  

Private and Group Lessons

Individual (1 Person) Semi-Private (2 People) Junior
1/2 Hour $55 $75 $45
1 Hour $100 $140 -
5 - 1/2 Hour Series $250 $345 $190
5 - 1 Hour Series $450 $575 -

Purchase your lessons below, call 302-295-1400 ext.2 or email kjohnson@rockmanorgolf.com to schedule your lesson with Ken!