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The Passing of Billy Casper

On February 7th Billy Casper passed away in his home in Utah. Billy was a very accomplished golfer that quite frankly played in a very very tough era. The "Big Three" of Arnold Palmer, Jack Nicklaus and Gary Player were all in their prime during Billy's best golfing years. Billy still managed to win 51 times on the PGA Tour which places him 7th all time on the career win list. Below is a list of each one of those wins. Billy will be missed. 

No.DateTournamentWinning scoreMargin of
1Jul 15, 1956Labatt Open−14 (68-68-67-71=274)2 strokes Jimmy Demaret
2Feb 3, 1957Phoenix Open Invitational−9 (68-71-65-67=271)3 strokes Cary Middlecoff, Mike Souchak
3Apr 28, 1957Kentucky Derby Open Invitational−7 (68-68-71-70=277)1 stroke Peter Thomson
4Jan 12, 1958Bing Crosby National Pro-Am
Golf Championship
−11 (71-66-69-71=277)4 strokes Dave Marr
5Mar 11, 1958Greater New Orleans Open Invitational−10 (69-70-70-69=278)Playoff Ken Venturi
6Jun 23, 1958Buick Open Invitational−3 (70-73-71-71=285)1 stroke Ted Kroll, Arnold Palmer
7Jun 13, 1959U.S. Open+2 (71-68-69-74=282)1 stroke Bob Rosburg
8Oct 4, 1959Portland Centennial Open Invitational−19 (69-64-67-69=269)3 strokes Bob Duden, Dave Ragan
9Nov 15, 1959Lafayette Open Invitational−11 (69-64-71-69=273)4 strokes George Bayer
10Nov 22, 1959Mobile Sertoma Open Invitational−8 (71-68-68-73=280)2 strokes Wes Ellis, Dave Ragan
11Sep 25, 1960Portland Open Invitational−22 (68-67-66-65=266)2 strokes Paul Harney
12Oct 3, 1960Hesperia Open Invitational−13 (70-68-67-70=275)5 strokes Bob Rosburg
13Oct 16, 1960Orange County Open Invitational−8 (70-68-69-69=276)1 stroke Charlie Sifford
14Sep 24, 1961Portland Open Invitational−15 (68-71-67-67=273)1 stroke Dave Hill
15Mar 25, 1962Doral C.C. Open Invitational−5 (70-67-75-71=283)1 stroke Pete Bondeson
16Apr 15, 1962Greater Greensboro Open−5 (69-70-68-68=275)1 stroke Mike Souchak
17May 27, 1962500 Festival Open Invitation−20 (66-67-67-64=264)1 stroke George Bayer, Jerry Steelsmith
18Oct 14, 1962Bakersfield Open Invitational−16 (69-71-65-67=272)4 strokes Tony Lema
19Jan 20, 1963Bing Crosby National Pro-Am−3 (73-65-73-74=285)1 stroke Dave Hill, Jack Nicklaus,
Gary Player, Bob Rosburg,
Art Wall, Jr.
20Aug 18, 1963Insurance City Open Invitational−13 (67-68-71-65=271)1 stroke George Bayer
21Mar 22, 1964Doral Open Invitational−11 (70-70-67-70=277)1 stroke Jack Nicklaus
22May 10, 1964Colonial National Invitation−1 (72-67-70-7=279)4 strokes Tommy Jacobs
23Sep 27, 1964Greater Seattle Open Invitational−15 (68-67-66-64=265)2 strokes Mason Rudolph
24Nov 1, 1964Almaden Open Invitational−9 (68-70-73-68=279)Playoff Pete Brown, Jerry Steelsmith
25Feb 7, 1965Bob Hope Desert Classic−12 (70-70-69-67-72=348)1 stroke Tommy Aaron, Arnold Palmer
26Jul 4, 1965Western Open−14 (70-66-70-64=270)2 strokes Jack McGowan, Chi Chi Rodriguez
27Jul 25, 1965Insurance City Open Invitational−10 (70-72-66-66=274)Playoff Johnny Pott
28Oct 23, 1965Sahara Invitational−15 (66-66-68-69=269)3 strokes Billy Martindale
29Jan 16, 1966San Diego Open Invitational−16 (70-66-68-64=268)4 strokes Tommy Aaron, Tom Weiskopf
30Jun 20, 1966U.S. Open−2 (69-68-73-68=278)Playoff Arnold Palmer
31Jun 26, 1966Western Open−1 (69-72-72-70=283)3 strokes Gay Brewer
32Jul 31, 1966500 Festival Open Invitation−11 (69-70-68-70=277)3 strokes R. H. Sikes
33Jul 3, 1967Canadian Open−5 (69-70-71-69=279)Playoff Art Wall, Jr.
34Sep 4, 1967Carling World Open−3 (74-68-70-69=281)Playoff Al Geiberger
35Jan 28, 1968Los Angeles Open−10 (70-67-68-69=274)3 strokes Arnold Palmer
36Apr 8, 1968Greater Greensboro Open−17 (65-67-69-66=267)4 strokes George Archer, Gene Littler,
Bobby Nichols
37May 19, 1968Colonial National Invitation−5 (68-71-68-68=275)5 strokes Gene Littler
38Jun 9, 1968500 Festival Open Invitation−8 (70-71-69-70=280)1 stroke Frank Beard, Mike Hill
39Sep 8, 1968Greater Hartford Open Invitational−18 (68-65-67-66=266)3 strokes Bruce Crampton
40Nov 4, 1968Lucky International Open−15 (68-65-70-66=269)4 strokes Raymond Floyd, Don Massengale
41Feb 9, 1969Bob Hope Desert Classic−15 (71-68-71-69-66=345)3 strokes Dave Hill
42Jun 8, 1969Western Open−8 (72-69-68-67=276)4 strokes Rocky Thompson
43Sep 28, 1969Alcan Open−12 (70-68-70-66=274)1 stroke Lee Trevino
44Jan 11, 1970Los Angeles Open−8 (68-68-68-72=276)Playoff Hale Irwin
45Apr 12, 1970Masters Tournament−9 (72-68-68-71-69=279)Playoff Gene Littler
46Jul 19, 1970IVB-Philadelphia Golf Classic−14 (68-67-71-68=274)3 strokes Terry Wilcox
47Aug 24, 1970AVCO Golf Classic−12 (64-70-71-71=276)1 stroke Bruce Crampton, Tom Weiskopf
48Oct 24, 1971Kaiser International Open Invitational−19 (67-65-69-68=269)4 strokes Fred Marti
49Jul 1, 1973Western Open−12 (67-69-67-69=272)1 stroke Larry Hinson, Hale Irwin
50Sep 3, 1973Sammy Davis Jr.-Greater Hartford Open−20 (67-65-68-64=264)1 stroke Bruce Devlin
51May 18, 1975First NBC New Orleans Open−17 (67-68-66-70=271)2 strokes Peter Oosterhuis