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Winter Golf

Let's face it, Winter is here... Sure, we would all love to be in Florida or somewhere warm right now, but you can still enjoy some rounds during the cold months! Here are some of the best tips for playing this Winter.  

#1 - Use Winter Gloves and Hand Warmers - I cant think of anything worse than cold hands while trying to play golf
#2 - Don't take a cart - Walking keeps your blood flowing and will keep you warm during the round
#3 - Keep your clubs and golf balls inside the house when not playing - Cold clubs and cold golf balls will effect your game! Don't forget them in the trunk!
#4 - Take more club - Yes, the cold weather has a dramatic effect on your golf ball, take an extra club or two on approach shots
#5 - Keep expectations low - Course conditions and weather aren't ideal during the Winter, play automatic two putts on the greens

Hope to see you on the links soon!