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"Slow Play"

Let’s talk about “slow play”. We have all been there. You have a good round going maybe even a career round and then you run into a slow foursome. You wait on each shot, become frustrated, lose your focus and there goes that round. In a recent study conducted by the National Golf Foundation “slow play – having to wait on the group in front more than a few times” was cited by 91% of those surveyed as something that bothers them most and detracts from their golf experience. That’s 91%! Rock Manor is one of the busiest and most popular courses in Wilmington and pace of play is always a concern. Our biggest tool to help us combat the pace of play issue is our GPS system. On each GPS screen you will see where you stand for pace of play on your round. The pace here at Rock Manor is set to 4 hours and 15 minutes which is actually a minute quicker than the average pace in a recent study conducted by GOLF Magazine. The GPS system allows us to track slow groups or bottleneck areas where we can send a ranger to get a slow group moving. There are also many things the golfers can do to increase pace of play. Playing “Ready” golf and playing the proper tees that matches your ability are the biggest factors. See below for our suggestions on playing the proper tees. 0-4 Handicap Black Tees – 6405 Yards 4-15 Handicap White Tees – 5980 Yards 16+ Handicap Green Tees – 5295 Yards Ladies, Juniors and Beginners Red Tees – 4668 Yards

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